“HIRED” Education One-On-One Coaching

Teaching the Unhappily Employed, Under-Employed and the Unemployed get Hired - FAST.


Contact Corey directly to learn more about his “Hired” Education One-On-One Targeted Career Coaching.

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Corey on Deborah Shane’s Metropolis

Corey on “Bruce Hurwitz presents.”

-featured on MonsterWorking (see article here)
-featured in the Chicago Tribune business section, business advice (see article here)
-featured Canada Wide in Canwest newspapers (see article here)
-featured on Global Talk Radio, LA
-featured on BlogTalk Radio, NYC
-feature expert “Ultimate Job Search Summit”, 10 of the top North American Job Coaches selected
-”Career Expert”, CareerRealism.com
-“Career Doctor”, ILostMyJob.com, US Based
-“Career Expert”, TimsStrategy.com, US Based

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