Make Your Recruiting Rock!

The 5 “Key” Elements of a World Class Recruiting Process for Small and Mid-Market Business Owners.

The #1 complaint we hear from small and mid-market business owners is that they don’t know how to find or hire the specialized talent they need to grow their business, or worse, operate at current levels.

This informative and interactive presentation examines the impact the recruiting process has on small and midsize business owners and their ability to attract the “key” talent that is vital to their success and growth.

Corey delivers a content-rich, high-energy presentation packed with effective strategies and easy-to-implement tools and techniques that your attendees can take away and immediately use to improve the caliber of talent they are attracting and hiring for their business.

The learning outcomes of this presentation will allow business owners to create a world-class recruiting process that is customized for their current business needs and for future growth.


  • Why having a consistent recruiting process is key to creating a benchmark for identify the right talent and remove personal bias from decision making.
  • How to create an efficient and exhaustive recruiting process that both meets the candidate’s expectations and the needs of your business.
  • How to position yourself above your competition in a candidate driven market by understanding and meeting the needs of the talent your courting.
  • How to effectively communicate and keep “in-process” candidates informed and engaged. And, how to respectfully inform unsuccessful candidates that you're passing on them while preserving your reputation and their dignity.
  • How to use agendas at every step of the process to keep your target candidates engaged and excited.
Tim O'Dea, CPPM,

As Managing Members and Business Owners we recently had the opportunity to hear Corey speak on the often daunting task of recruitment.

His presentation and the information we apsorbed was a revelation. What we learned about recruitment has directly contributed in our recent recruitment efforts and allowed us to confidently hire 4 new employees.

However, it wasn’t just recruitment skills we learned form Corey, it was also the idea of how to begin to develop a pool of future recruits; people who you get interested in your company and begin a dialogue with for future opportunities.

Recruitment is time consuming and fraught with uncertainty, Corey’s methods helped us dramatically cut down our time spent wading through prospects and has set us up for future recruitment efforts as we continue to build a pool recruits. I only wish I had heard Corey speak on this a long time ago.

Tim O'Dea, CPPM, Refine Concrete Services LLCn
Ken Proctor, Vistage Chair, Leadership Coach,Instructor,

Corey gave an engaging, interactive presentation about how to avoid the hiring pitfalls we all have made.  His method is simple, and will generate the “right” candidates while significantly cutting down screening time of the wrong candidates”.

Our members gave him 4.5/5 stars for real takeaway value.

Ken Proctor, Vistage Chair, Leadership Coach,Instructor, Accelerated Professionals
Beth Shapiro, Regional Vice President,

Corey is an energetic speaker with the talent to make his presentation engaging and conversational.

He inspired our people to think differently about their recruiting efforts and where to find possible recruits. Today, a month later, people are still talking about where and how to find that perfect person.

If you’re looking for a new and effective way to recruit better people, I highly recommend having Corey speak to your group.

Beth Shapiro, Regional Vice President, SCORE Southwest Region
Ron Consolino - Chair,

If you’re looking for a dynamic speaker who will guide you away from traditional, ineffective recruiting methods and teach you new and innovative ways of accomplishing your recruiting goals while spending less money and time… I recommend you book Corey to speak to your group or organization.

Ron Consolino - Chair, SCORE Houston
David Yarbrough Principal,

Corey Harlock comes well prepared to help small businesses with their recruiting needs. Corey is engaging, he speaks with authority, and backs it up with compelling, real-life examples. With Corey, there is no need for a company to reinvent the wheel when it comes to identifying desirable job candidates and making solid hires

David Yarbrough Principal, Dynamo Communications
Michael Bowie, Partner,

If you are a business owner who struggles with finding quality employees, I would highly recommend you contact Corey. I recently had the opportunity to attend one of his presentations on a different approach to hiring and recruiting.

His approach is very similar to how you approach and sell to customers. Very quickly I recognized that he had created a unique and effective approach that creates a communication channel between company and quality candidates that speeds up the hiring process and insures your new hires are fully engaged.

The biggest take away from his presentation for me was how Corey explained that spending more time identifying the right people by creating “employee avatars” is the foundation for an effective recruiting campaign.

As a former full time CFO I can see how Corey’s approach will save companies thousands of dollars while hiring better people. If you are having trouble finding and hiring the right people, I would recommend you attend one of Corey’s presentations.

Michael Bowie, Partner, B2B CFO®