Strategic Recruitment Consulting

Long-term recruitment solutions for small and midsize business owners.

Hire A-Players

Stop being stressed out about how and where to find the best  candidates.  No more hiring the "best of the worst." You'll get access to A-level talent that until now you thought was out of reach.

Strategic Partnership

No more wasted time advertising and reviewing hundreds of resumes of peope you can't or won't ever hire.  All you have to do is interview and hire high potential A-Players.

Grow Your Business

Get out of the weeds and focus on your business. Once you hire high potential, high perfoming rock stars for your key positions you can focus on taking your business to the next level... and beyond.

Kevin Stevens - President

If you are struggling with recruiting (like I was)… I highly recommend you connect with Corey and let him find you some great people so you can grow your business.

Kevin Stevens - President, Pollution Systems

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