The Recruitment Solution for Small and Midsize Businesses.

Companies of all sizes (small & mid-sized included) should have access to top talent that until now, only the big companies had the resources and expertise to reach.

Are you an Owner, CEO or Principal of a growing company who is struggling because...

  • You're using inexpensive or free job boards to try an attract top talent?
  • You're overwhelmed with 100's of resumes from people who don't have the right experience, education, background or even live in the right ZIP code?
  • You don't know the first thing about how to recruit (or have the time to do it)?
  • You're frustrated - you know there are great people out there... but none of them ever apply to your jobs?
  • You need to make some "key hires" in the next 12-months to meet the demands of your growing company and can't find any good people?
  • You're struggling to fill current vacancies?
  • You're constantly dealing with crisis in your business because of vacant positions?
  • Poor performers keep you "chained" to your business and you can't take a holiday or even a full day off?
  • You're losing sleep and are stressed out about how to fill current and future roles to keep your business moving forward (or to stay afloat?)

We work with CEO’s and Business Owners to solve their recruiting problem...

We build, implement and maintain a custom (and simple) 5-Step recruitment process for your immediate and future hiring needs.

Efficient and cost effective, our process will allow your business to save time, save money and elevate your business by hiring top talent.

Is it time for you to hire the talent you deserve?

Here is what our Recruitment Consulting Process looks like:

  • 1

    Discovery: Analysis of Current Recruitment Process

    -Deep dive into your current needs assessment, recruiting and hiring process to identify gaps
    -Review of your current applicant tracking system and related processes
    -Review current and future “key” hiring needs

  • 2

    Target: Create Your Custom Recruiting Plan

    -Construct an “employee avatar” to create a crystal clear picture of your ideal candidate
    -Identify the companies/industries/organizations where your ideal candidate can be found
    -Create your companies unique “recruiting message” for each position to be filled
    -Hiring process redesign to maximize chances of converting future prospects

  • 3

    Engage: Implementation of Your Custom Recruiting Plan

    -Launch candidate generation campaign to improve candidate pool quality
    -Candidate identification and selection OR Ongoing training of HR representative assisting in the recruitment function
    -Creation of your companies custom long-term candidate pipeline (ongoing engagement mechanism for future hires)
    -Weekly progress meeting to measure, and if necessary, adjust protocol

  • 4

    Hire: Convert Identified Candidates into Hires

    -Hiring Manager interviewing skills monitored and adjusted to improve results
    -Offer negotiation assistance to increase acceptance of “first choice” new hire
    -Measure results to continuously improve your Custom Recruiting Strategy

  • 5

    Ongoing: Your Recruiting Department

    -Planning to optimize the next recruiting effort based on your needs assessment
    -Ongoing relationship as your trusted long-term recruiting advisor
    -Maintain your custom long-term candidate pipeline of ideal candidates for quick effective hiring of future “key” positions

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